What to Expect

When you arrive, you can park in front of the building. Come in through the main entrance (there is no secretary to answer the door), and have a seat on the couch.  For your first appointment, look for a clipboard with a green sheet of paper on top.  These are your intake papers which include clinical questionnaires and typical consent forms for psychology practices.  Your appointment will be for one hour (face to face), but you will be instructed to come one hour early to adequately complete the questionnaires and other paperwork.

I will come out to meet you and bring you into my office at the scheduled time. The first appointment is considered an assessment or intake interview, and it is a time to get acquainted with one another. I typically go through many assessment questions to learn as much as possible about your background, areas of stress in your life, and the problems for which you are seeking my assistance. I will formulate my treatment plan by the end of this session.